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Many years ago, during the initial stirrings of the Literacy Movement, I read a slogan that all but took my breath away: "Teach a woman to read," it said, "and you teach a family to read. Teach many women to read and society blossoms." I thought then, as now, that this maxim applies to any cause a woman turns her mind to -- including her spiritual development.

Today, women are gathering in coffee houses and conference rooms by day and in cul de sacs after the children are in bed, to share their stories, explore their options, and champion issues that help themselves and others "blossom." Qualities once associated primarily with feminine spirituality -- intuition, compassion, connection, service, and creativity -- are being acknowledged as aspects of an integrated, genderless intelligence well suited to help women and men navigate the demands of modern life. Our inner fire lights the world.

In Sweet Company Retreats and Workshops provide an environment that allows these and other soul qualities to unfold. Though many of these programs are designed for women, public and corporate programs are also attended by men, and most programs can be adapted for a mixed audience.


  • connect with their inner voice and expand their intuition
  • experience greater self-awareness and trust in themselves
  • learn to integrate their most deeply held values and their spirituality into their personal and professional lives
  • develop a meaningful, collaborative connection with others
  • experience a deep sense of inner renewal
  • begin to live with greater meaning and purpose

In Sweet Company Retreats and Workshops take place at retreat centers, conferences, college campuses, board rooms, hotels, mountain cabins, seaside cabanas, and living rooms across America.

Business, educational, and community organizations sponsor programs for their employees, faculty and students, and members, and participants who have never met each other before gather with others of like mind in a conference or retreat setting. Programs are offered in a variety of lengths and formats to accommodate the needs of each learning community.

Personal reflection, experiential exercises, storytelling, journaling, small group work, group discussion, and lecture are used as stepping stones to self-exploration, and excerpts from In Sweet Company are used as "seed thoughts" to stimulate discussion.

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Topics for Retreats and Workshops are adapted and new programs are created to meet the needs and interests of each learning community.

Listening to Your Inner Voice
There is a still, small voice, an internal guide, an intuitive knowing within that can align you with an inner wellspring that is beyond logic, beyond ”shoulds,” beyond goal-setting and strategizing. Connect to that unfailing source of decision-making and transform the anxiety of not-knowing into Self trust.

Spirit at Work: Making Your Work and Your Life
Be About What You Value Most
Take stock of your knowledge, skills, achievements, resources, and dreams, and reframe the direction of your work and your life in ways that feed your soul.

Women As Leaders: Understanding Our Approach, Deepening Our Practice
As more women assume leadership roles in the workplace, the community, and the world, our leadership style and our influence will change the very structure of our global society. The challenges inherent in any leadership position are an invitation to transform both the leader and her organization into instruments for the Greater Good. Discover the practices successful women leaders find effective. Learn how to circumvent the unique challenges women leaders face. Connect with the resources that will make you a more effective leader.

Catalyzing Greatness: Building A Collaborative Community, Developing Your Organization’s Potential
Create a learning culture that supports the capabilities, interests, and goals of your employees. Explore best practices for overcoming resistance to change, building relationships, mentoring, and coaching.

Women in Spirit: The Emerging Face of Women's Spirituality
A new vision of power, one that champions diversity, collaboration, and connection has emerged. Trace the roots of this movement, both historically and within your own life, and discover options and direction for the future.

Women As Peacemakers
Move beyond the compelling images of our global wounding and experience what the mystics of all religions tell us: We are wedded to each other, undeniably bound, as the varied expressions of a singular and loving consciousness. Nurture your inner peacemaker and explore options for participation in global peacemaking.

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